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Street Fighter 6 is out and full of amazing characters. The new game in the series the best of all the games yet. Also, becoming one the games with highest player count in fighting game genre. This proves that a lot of newcomers will joining in. Having a bit of knowledge regarding the characters won’t make you better. However, will certainly help you choosing the character you like the most.

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Street Fighter Characters

Street Fighter 6 currently features 18 playable characters. It includes legacy characters like Ken and Chun-li. But the game also has its fair share of new characters for the new generation. Here is the list of all characters currently featured in the roster.

  • Cammy – The British Military Lady, She is also a legacy character who has been in the series since its infancy.
  • Ryu – The Poster Boy Shoto of the franchise and now also with a beard which makes it even better. Ryu fans are definitely not disappointed with new look. Its yet to be seen how viable he is in the game.
  • Ken – The other poster boy of the franchise and also the cooler one in my opinion. Been in hiding for long after accusations. Ken tries to be low-key.
  • JP – The old, calm, collected businessman is new to the franchise. His high class and regal vibes fit his aesthetic.
  • Manon – She is a supermodel. And also french. And patriotic. The most important thing however is she can fight and she is really good at that.
  • Dhalism – If you like are an old, fire breathing, limb extending monks then here is the guy for you. You won’t even have to be close to fight when just punch someone from meters away.
  • Chun Li – After the poster boys, the poster girl was necessary too. Street Fighter doesn’t exist without her. And she looks as beautiful but deadly as ever
  • Dee Jay – Bringing music and fighting together, Dee Jay is a kick boxer. And as the name suggests as a DJ.
  • Kimberly – Kimberly likes ninjas and 80s. So she combined them after finishing university.
  • Guile – The flat top haircut is his signature. The mentor to the protagonist. The definitive American soldier.
  • Jamie – The new character really likes dancing. And of course, fighting. Jamie is a Chinese peace maker and likes hanging out with his grandma.
  • Zangief – The lovable Russian grappler. The 8 foot giant makes his return.
  • Blanka – The lunatic is here too. The energetic character is surely one of the more exciting one.
  • Juri – The Taekwondo professional. Juri acts as a rival to Chun-li. The goth and sarcastic nature surely makes her a fan favorite
  • Marisa – She is 7 foot beast. Looks Greek because she is one. She definitely has a presence in fight.
  • Luke – The Protagonist of this game, Luke, is a military contractor and an avid pc gamer. Definitely looks like to fill the all rounder niche. Luke took training under Guile for combat.
  • Lily – Lily uses her paddles to hurt people. She looks harmless because of her size, but that is really far from the truth.
  • E. Honda – He makes his appearance again in Street Fighter 6 ever since sf2. The sumo wrestler is as good in the kitchen as he is on the fighting stage.

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