What Does The Frame Rate of a Virtual reality headset indicate?

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If you ever tried to get into virtual reality, you will surely know how different it is from common gaming or tech experiences. One of the questions that frequently comes up is The Frame Rate of a Virtual Reality Headset. While their are other things that are more important that this, frame is also an important part of the experience.

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Frame Rate of a Virtual Reality Headset

the frame rate of the headset can affect many things, such as

  • It controls how smooth the world renders in Virtual reality. The smoother the world the better the experience.
  • The expected frame rate for a good experience is 90 Frames per second.
  • This is higher than typical 30 or 60 Fps in gaming. Mainly because VR covers the whole view field and substitutes the reality.
  • Low frames can really throw off and mitigate the experience.
  • Higher fps are necessary for correct motion functions of our body. If suddenly the frame rate of our real world decreased, out body will surely have problems.
  • This is also true for Virtual reality.
  • Low fps throws of the eye and body coordination.

All in all, it is important to note that frame rate is as important for a great VR experience as other factors. Screen resolution and latency are important aspects for an immersive virtual reality world.

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