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Tekken 8 is the latest entry in the series of the Tekken franchise. The franchise has a huge player base and to no one’s surprise, there is a massive hype around the game. While there is no official release date, Players can take part in the beta through a CNT or Closed Network Test provided by the devs. And some people have already started digging deep into the game.

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Tekken 8 – Leaked Character Roster

Bamco giving away CNT codes to certain players. And the way they are doing is really weird and unsurprisingly, many people are disappointed. However, that’s a topic for another day.

Currently, in the CNT, players can choose from a list of 16 characters to play as, such as Jin Kazama and Claudio Sarafino. The gameplay trailer for these characters has already been released. However, some players used Cheat Engine on their copy of the game to dig deeper into the code. And they ended up finding some familiar names.

Players have found names like Heihachi, Steve, Shaheen, Raven, Zafina, Yoshimitsu, and Alisa Bosconovitch on the game files, these being fan favorites. While Heihachi did die in Tekken 7, it won’t be weird if they bring him back considering Kazumi in Tekken 7 and Jun is in Tekken 8, both of which are canonically dead. The other reason is that Heihachi is a tough guy, nothing can kill him, and he will be back. (I’m definitely not a Heihachi main)

There were also some weird speculations regarding the CNT codes. One Reddit user found a code that spelled out “Lidia at EVO”, hinting at the release of the character in Tekken 8. But that too may be a coincidence

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