Terra CEO Do Kwon Arrested at Montenegro Airport

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News broke that Do Kwon, the CEO of a popular cryptocurrency Terra, had been under arrest at Montenegro Airport. This event caused shock waves in the crypto world and raised many questions surrounding the reasons for the arrest and the potential impact on Terra and the broader cryptocurrency market.

Who is Do Kwon & What is Terra?

Before delving into the details of the arrest, it is important to understand who Do Kwon is and his significance within the cryptocurrency industry. Do Kwon are a South Korean entrepreneur and the co-founder of Terra, a decentralized payment network aimed at facilitating fast and affordable cross-border payments.

Terra has gained a lot of attention in recent years, particularly in Asia, and the company has partnered with major firms such as Samsung and LG to integrate Terra’s payment system into their products.

The Arrest

Details surrounding Do Kwon’s arrest are still scarce, but reports suggest it occurred at Montenegro Airport while he was en route to Istanbul, Turkey. They have reported that Montenegrin authorities took into custody him after they issued an Interpol notice at the request of the South Korean government. However, the exact reasons for the arrest have not been public.

Speculation and Concerns on Terra

The lack of information surrounding the arrest has led to speculation and concerns within the cryptocurrency community. Some have suggested that it related the arrest to South Korea’s recent crackdown on cryptocurrency trading and regulations. While others have speculated that we may relate it to Terra’s recent success and potential competition with traditional financial institutions.

Impact on Terra and Cryptocurrency Market

The arrest of Do Kwon has had an immediate impact on Terra’s value, with its price dropping around 10% in the hours following the news. However, it is still too early to determine the long-term impact this event will have on Terra and the broader cryptocurrency market.

It is worth noting Terra has a strong team of executives and investors behind it. The company has been preparing for the possibility of increased regulatory scrutiny with the establishment of a government relations office in Washington, D.C.


The arrest of Do Kwon has sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency industry and raised many questions about the reasons for the arrest and its potential impact on Terra and the broader cryptocurrency market.

While speculation surrounding the arrest will probably continue in the coming days and weeks. It is important to focus on the facts and wait for more information to emerge. Ultimately, only time will tell what the long-term implications of this event will be for Terra and the cryptocurrency industry.

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