WhatsApp Username Selection Feature Spotted in Development on Latest Android Beta: Details

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Messaging is one of the most vital functions we use our smartphones for. Dozens of apps offer different solutions, but the most popular one out there is WhatsApp. With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

However, WhatsApp is striving to make the user experience better and recently has announced the new “Username Selection” feature. This feature will enable users to create a unique code that can be used as a second authentication option when signing in to their accounts.

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Features of WhatsApp Username Selection

The WhatsApp Username Selection feature is the company’s latest effort to make authentication easier and more secure for users. The feature allows users to create a username that can be used as an alternative to their phone number when signing in to their WhatsApp account.

Once created, the username for log into the user’s account from any device, without providing a phone number. It is also a more secure way of verifying a user’s identity, as the username authenticates the user without the peril of someone stealing or guessing an account’s password.

Benefits of the Feature

The WhatsApp Username Selection feature provides several benefits to both users and businesses.

For the average user, it eliminates the need to remember a password or even provide their contact information to log in. With the feature enabled, users can enter their usernames to log in and access their accounts.

For commerce, the feature is efficient in assigning employees a secure username to access collaborative documents and services. It is helpful for companies that require employees to use multiple devices for their work.

The WhatsApp Username Selection feature is a great addition to a platform by billions of users. With it, users can easily log into their accounts without providing a phone number, while businesses can assign employees a secure username for accessing documents and services.

This feature is currently in the works but should be available for download soon. With it, users can enjoy an even more secure and convenient sign-in process on the platform.

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