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Resident evil is set to release it’s new movie named Resident Evil :Death Island. You can watch the trailer here. The movie follows an realistic animated style more akin to the remakes. The trailer looks promising and we will surely be looking forward to the release. However, their are many more movies the franchise has. Here are all the Resident Evil Movies in Order.

However this isn’t the only time Resident Evil has dabbled in the Cinema. Even since the series inception, The have been multiple movies to go with it. The games are known for being amazing. This is somewhat not kinda true for the movies. there have been 6 resident evil movies released and multiple shows. However, full length movies are what we talking about here. so lets take a look at them.

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Resident Evil 2002

The movies feature a protagonist not seen in the game. Which for the better since it helps it with creating its own identity. Also, not interfering with the fan interpretation of the characters.

The movie features Alice, stared by Milla Jovovich. She works as a security guard for The Umbrella Corporation and is tasked with watching over the underground lab known as The Hive. We the go an struggle with Alice to the contain the virus and decimate every single person infected with the Virus to help contain it.

Apocalypse 2004

The movie focus more on action this time. And this has created a separate fan base for it. Following more akin to the games.

The movie picks up immediately after the events of the previous film. In an additional effort to stop the quickly spreading virus that is now afflicting the remaining population, Alice is attempting to flee alongside two other survivors. In exchange for the recovery of his lost daughter, a researcher gives the operatives information about an extraction point. Alice finds out about the virus inside her.

Extinction 2007

This is surprisingly one of the successful with grossing nearly 150 million dollars in the first week. Guess the credit goes to the original write.

The story still follows and continues the plot from the last movies. Now the team goes to Alaska to escape the T-virus. While, The umbrella Corporation keeps conducting experiments and mutating the virus. Alice later finds out the virus inside her could help make a cure

Afterlife 2010

The was the special one. Milla Jovovich won the scream award for her role. The movie also grossed nearly 300 Million in it’s lifetime.

The movie introduces 2 new characters. While the are new in the series, they certainly are classic ones for the fans. Chris Redfield And Albert Wesker. Alice learns about the clones the Umbrella corp is creating and tries to stop. She also loses her powers in this movie.

Retribution 2012

Surprisingly Albert Wesker becomes an AI. The movie also features Leon S Kennedy, a fan favorite. In this movie, Alice has to fight alongside wesker and Leon to defeat her friend, Jill Valentine. Who has gone under the control of Red Queen AI system.

The movie focuses more on character development. So, long time fans will have a great time with one.

The Final Chapter 2017

This is the final one in the series. The movie ends everything with a bang. It also is the highest grossing movie in the series and the best acclaimed one.

Alice must now release the Antivirus before Umbrella Corp can do anything. The movie comes back to Raccoon city, the place where everything started. Alice discovers the truth about who she is when a clone of her ally betrays her, and she fights her own self in her ultimate conflict.

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